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Shep's Poo-Dini "Spray Before You Go", Natural Toilet Spray / Bathroom Deodorizer.

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❤️Shep's Poo-Dini❤️

This clever "before-you-go" all-natural toilet spray traps odors beneath the surface of the water leaving no trace of any embarrassing bathroom odor!  

Spray before you go, and no-one will ever know!

Try it today for only $7.99!

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❤️ Poo-Dini Makes Bathroom Odors Disappear Like Magic! ❤️

  •  🍊🍊 Citrus and Lemongrass scent will leave bathroom smelling more fresh than when you entered🌿🌿

  • 2 oz bottle is perfect size for pocket or purse for discreet travel. 

  • Put one in every bathroom of your home!


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